Why sharing your value with others can positively impact your life

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How can I help?

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I was astonished the other day. I was watching the news on TV when I heard the story of a billionaire who had accidently died, leaving behind him more than $18 billion in his bank account.

Can you imagine that?

I could not help wondering how on earth one person could have so much money left dormant in his bank account when the majority of people on this planet only live with $2 a day and don’t even have access to tap water.

I do not know what the life of that person was and I can’t imagine that he wasn’t donating to charities for instance.

All I know is that that person had died with his fortune while he could’ve used it to help others. Instead, he kept it for himself…

I’m not trying to judge him or anything like that here.

I’m just talking about that because the story of that person is in some ways, the opposite of what we are supposed to be doing as online marketers and leaders.

I do not know if you consider yourself as a leader or not but, if you really want to be seen as a leader and be successful in your business, you ought to learn to give and not keep it all for yourself.


Because it’s scientifically proven that the more you give, the more you get in return.

What you share today, will come back to you tomorrow.

Now don’t get me wrong though. By giving I’m not stating that you must give away your hard earned money.

I’m just trying to open your eyes on the fact that sometimes your success can depend on others and other person’s success can depend on you.

There a lots of free things you can give or share with others, such as an advice, a tip on how to do this or fix that, your time, your positive mindset, a consultation, a report, a free ebook etc.

While those things don’t cost anything, they can have a huge impact both in your own life and the life of those you give them to.

These person who receive what you share with them will then start to see you as a leader and a valuable person because of the value you put in the marketplace.

Success and being successful is a state of mind that is viewed differently according to each individual.

What you personally define as success, will not have the same meaning for others.

However, your success can impact other people’s lives provide that you share what you know and what you have with those who don’t have enough.

Amassing a ton of knowledge and experience and keeping it all for yourself, is just like amassing a fortune that you keep dormant in your bank account. In our case, your bank account is your heart.

Since knowledge is a treasure, what would happen if tomorrow, you left this planet accidently?

You would take all your treasure with you and no one would take advantage of it.

You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Thomas edison quote

So, now that you know the importance of giving value, how can you apply this concept?

Start by asking the questions:

Is there anybody I can share my experience with today?

Or, is there anybody I can give what I know?

Once you answer these questions, it’s time to take action. Once again this doing this doesn’t need to cost you anything.

If you have a blog like this one, you can write a blog post in which you share some valuable tips or you can shoot a quick video on how to do this or that and upload it on Youtube.

In doing so, you share value with others and you unlock the doors to other people’s success but also to your own success.

You suddenly become a source of inspiration and motivation for them. You don’t only help others, but you help yourself as well during the process.

For most of people, being successful is related to hard work and self-accomplishment. But in reality, success is related to your capacity and self-skills to attract others who find and see value in who you are and what you do to help them.

Are you ready to start giving value?

If so, share this post with someone who might be interested by what you’ve just read.

To your success…

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