Why being focused is important if you want to see results in your business

21 Day Blogging Challenge with David Wood. (Day 17)

As you all know, at least I hope, David Wood, the Co-founder of the Empower Network blogging platform, which I am also an affiliate, launched us an interesting challenge that consists of blogging non-stop during 21 days in a row.

This challenge officially began December 29, 2014 and ends on 21 January.

I chose to take part to the challenge for reasons I explain here. Thus, during this period, I will be publishing a new article on my blog whose sole purpose is to bring you value.

For more details about the 21 Day Blogging Challenge go here…

Why being focused is important if you want to see results in your business

I don’t know about you but before I log in to work on my blog, there are certain routines I always follow in order to keep cal and make moneymake sure that everything is ok and that I won’t be disturbed.

Being a father of 4 young kids and running a blog while having a 9 to 5 job at the same time isn’t always easy.

It can be really challenging sometimes to find the appropriated moment, the good environment and the mood to cope with all my commitments without neglecting anything.

If working at least 2 hours per day on my blog is very important for me, I know that I also need to be available when my ninja kids need my attention.

So it’s very important for me to have everything organized before I jump on my daily tasks.

First thing I do, I stay in front of my computer and I spend like 2 to 5 minutes trying to concentrate on what I’m going to do on that particular day.

Just to make sure that I don’t get lost into too many directions, I always try to ask myself the good questions such as:

Am I going to work on content creation, network marketing or traffic generation?

Should I spend time on Facebook, Twitter or should I rather spend my time reading other people’s blog to find inspiration for my own posts?

What topic can I write about today?

And so on…

Having these questions answered helps me establish a plan which I then follow to the “T” to get the results I want.

Running a blog takes time, patience and a lot of effort. We all know that. But if you really want to success and see results, the most important key is to stay focused on what you’re doing and to never give up even when the going gets tough.

My inbox; my best friend ennemi?

After all my questions are answered and my plan clearly established, then I’m ready to work.

But do I always do it right away? Unfortunately… no.

And you know why?

Because I have another routine that I always follow : checking my emails just to make sure I don’t miss out any Kalatu successimportant information from my affiliate network company, my friends or any other persons who may email me for whatever reason.

As anyone in today’s world, I receive tons of emails every single day. Most of them are useful for my business, others are just spams from other marketers trying to sell me their “magical push button to get rich products”.

Even though I know from experience that these kinds of emails are just spams and that I shouldn’t pay attention to them, pushed by my curiosity, I find myself clicking on them to see what offers are behind them.

And the big problem with doing that is that when I realize that I’m just wasting my time… it’s too late.

I’ve already spent half an hour to nearly 1 hours on my inbox and all my concentration is gone.

If you too can find it sometimes hard to focus on your business because of all these distractions around you, the purpose of this article is to give you some tips on how to avoid de-concentration and better focus on your business.

A word on focus…

I know from my own experience that it’s very easy to get distracted and lose your focus.

There are plenty of distractions out there that can disturb you.

Without even realizing it, you can spend an entire day focusing on things that wont’ bring any benefice to your business.

For that reason, it’s very important to establish a clear plan before starting to work on your daily activities.

Jumping eyes closed on your blog or your website is not something I would recommend because it’s like driving a car without knowing exactly where you’re going.

In order to go straight from point A to point Z, you need to plan your itinerary and follow it just as you would do with a GPS.

To see results, you must follow your plan and leave aside any activity that may take your concentration away.

When you’re about to work on your blog for instance, I recommend to close all the windows opened on your screen, such as your inbox, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. You name it.

Your smartphone can sometimes be a source of distraction too. So if don’t need it when you’re working, you can switch it off. If someone really needs to reach you, he still can leave a message so that you can contact him back later.

Once you have all these distraction gone, then nothing can hold you back from giving the best of yourself for your online business.

Focus equal results

The more you focus in what you’re doing, the better you work and the more results you get at the end.

That’s why being focused is very important. It helps you get concentrated and be more productive.

I hope this will help you…

To your success


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