Who else wants to join Holly Morgan in her Truth or Hype TV show?

Are you looking for a way to make money online in 2015?

What about if you could be guided by someone who can tell you for sure if the business you’re in is truth… or hype? Holly Morgan

I’m asking because since Empower Network launched its new sales funnel to the public on January 27, 2015, everyone seems to want to know who Holly Morgan is.

And that’s your case too, Am I wrong?

Comon, let’s be honest dude, if your intentions are not to find out more about Holly, why are you on this blog reading this post in the first place?

Ha ha ha ha… I got you!

If you stumbled onto this blog post, maybe it’s because as many network marketers, you’ve probably attended the webcast the other night that has bombarded her in the spot lights of the Internet, and now, you’ve googlized her to get more information about her.

I’ll be honest with you, I did exactly the same thing too, not for the same reasons than you though.

I was personally on that webcast.

Since I live overseas, I even stayed up till 3 AM to wait for the show to begin just because I did not want to miss what is seen as the reborn of Empower Network thanks to the new products they released, such as the Top Producer Formula, The Team Building Formula, Kalatu or the Level Up Sequence…

By the way from the comments I’ve seen so far, people are loving these products, which seem to be more in phase with 2015.

When the webcast began, I was expecting to see David Wood himself, as usually.

But instead, I saw that new and fresh face I had never seen before in the environment of EN.

Pushed by my curiosity, the next morning I went on Google to try to see if I could get more information…

Anyone would’ve done the same thing, right?

Because, after all, maybe she was the new CEO of Empower Network, or some celebrity who had decided to enter in the make money online game… or I don’t know who else.

How can we know if we don’t do our own search?

So, who is Holly Morgan?

You’ve already asked me that question!

But here’s my answer…

Quite frankly, I did not find anything special about her. According to the Truth or Hype sales page, it’s mentioned that she has a show also called “Truth or Hype” that is “the most viewed on the Internet dedicated to investigating online income opportunities”.

I’d love to see that because I’ve never heard about that show neither.

What I found though, is directly reported by Holly Morgan herself in the sales page once again.

In case you’re still interested, here is what she says about herself:

I quote…

Hi, I’m Holly Morgan, the host of “TRUTH OR HYPE” and author of the “OPPORTUNTY WATCH” report. Through my investigations, I get to the bottom of whether online opportunities are TRUTH OR HYPE.

I recently stumbled onto a new kind of “smart-system”. It’s touted as “the most innovative system ever” for making extra income from home, leveraging the Internet and mobile technology…

According to this system’s creators, and many of its users, “it’s easy to understand and is, without a doubt, the simplest way to potentially create income online!”


Anyway, if your goal is to make money online starting this year, Holly Morgan seems to be the person that you need because she claims that she’s in a mission to help people “know for sure” whether an opportunity is real or just hype.

So let me ask again…

Who else wants to join Holly Morgan in her Truth or Hype TV show?

If you answered ME!!!!

You can join her and her Smart-System right here…

To your success


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