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Building a successful network marketing business requires certain skills, approaches and strategies I would like to discuss with you in this article.

Leadership Pyramid Showing Vision Values Empowerment and Encouragement

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As I said earlier, network marketing is not for everyone.

The reasons that push me to say that are many. But among the top reasons why more than 90% of online entrepreneurs never really make it happen in this industry, there’s the fact that the completion is fierce among members within the same company.

On top of that, in most of these companies, there what we call “barriers to entry”. This means that most of the time, you must pay before you’re allowed to get in. There’s a cost involved to get started which comes as an upfront investment that they ask you to pay or a membership fee. You must spend money before you start to make money.

Needless to say that if you cannot afford what they ask you to pay, signing up with them can be very difficult or even impossible.

And if by chance you manage to get started, you might be surprised at the number of people who joined the company making money onlinemonths before you, kept paying their membership fees month after month, but without never making any money.

Yep! The sad truth is that most of the people who decide to join a MLM company end up losing money while their primary intention was to make money.

So how can you really succeed in network marketing when you’re a newbie or have zero budget to invest in expensive advertisement campaigns?

Well, it all depends on your goals, your visions, your commitment and you capacity to do things that the majority of people don’t like to do. By that I mean that you must take time to seriously think of what you are good at and what you need to learn.

Once you know exactly your strength and your weakness, it’s time to start working on them to improve where needed.

Developing self-promotional skills to brand yourself as well as investing in personal development trainings to develop your attraction marketing potential are very important things to consider.

As you’ve might already have read it before, success network marketing entrepreneurs become successful because people join them in the first place, not their business.

So if you want to be successful online, it’s important that you bear in mind that no one will want to join your business; no matter how good or profitable the business you’re promoting is.

They will want to join you, for you leadership, for your knowledge that you’ll be sharing with them, for the help and assistance you’ll be giving them to overcome their own struggles, for the value you’re going to provide them.

Passion is the name of the game and another element to consider if you want to succeed in this industry.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s simple. You can’t give real value to others if you don’t like what you do. It’s a principle that I cannot explain here but the bottom line is that if you promote a product or a system just with end goal of making big money, chances are your potential readers will find out because you will force them to buy or join your business.

People are not stupid, you know. Hence, you must like what you do and be really passionate to be able to transfer your passion to others. Knowing the products you’re promoting or the history of the company you work with is a good thing to take into account before begging others to join.

Being patient is another key to success.

Success never comes overnight, in multi-level marketing companies more than in other businesses. Most of the making money with iPas2people who join a network marketing company quit within the first 6 months.


Because they weren’t prepared to be patient. They read testimonials of happy members saying how easy it was for them to go from zero to a 5 figures income per month and they thought that the same thing would happen to them as well.

And when they don’t see these results coming, they get discouraged and end up by quitting.

They forgot to read the company’s disclosure where it’s said that “results are not typical and that other people’s results are not your results”.

When you embark in a multilevel company, you put your feet in a long and complicated path where results are not guaranteed. If you don’t have all the required skills, it may take months before you get your return in investment.

So be prepared to be patient, spend time with your family and your friend while putting in the amount of work needed to make it happen.

What about being a leader? I won’t lie you, if you don’t have any leadership skills, you ought to start developing them as soon as possible because, without having this mindset, no one will want to follow you. Be creative, be helpful, be the one everyone wants to model and not just someone who wants to be like someone else.

So how do you become a leader?

By learning from other leaders in your industry and copying and reproducing what they’ve done to get to the top. You can also develop your own skills that you will improve and adjust as you go.

Learning from your own mistakes can also help you strengthen your leadership by telling others how to avoid the same mistakes.

There are much more to say but I think you get the point. Start applying these technics and chances are you’ll start to get the results that you want.

To your success


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