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21 Days Blogging Challenge #Day 1

Video marketing is taking the Internet by storm.
But let me ask you: do you use videos in your marketing strategy? 21 Days Blogging Challenge

If not, then you’re missing a lot.

With the development of the Internet and the growing number of blogs and websites, it’s getting more and more complicated to get noticed.

I’ve already discussed in one of my previous articles why having the best blog out there was completely useless if nobody can see it.

I’ve also already said that your blog is your business and that you must absolutely treat as such if you want people to come and buy your products or services.

You can use many ways to attract new readers to your blog and I’m not going to go through all of them on this blog post.

In this article I would like to discuss about just one method in particular because it’s one of the best methods smart marketers use to develop their traffic and sell their products like hot cakes.

I would like to discuss about video marketing.

If you’ve already tried to promote anything online without having to use expensive paid traffic, chances are you probably already know how video marketing are being successful.

The reasons of such success lay in the fact that Google really love videos and they tend to rank them easily…

Google own YouTube and they give a fair advantage to people using videos…

People prefer to watch videos instead of reading a 1000 words boring article…

However, despite of that, too many online marketers are still neglecting using videos.

The reasons are many.

But the 2 main reasons people I ask why they do not use video in their business are:

  • 1: Lack of budget: These people claim that they do not use videos because they don’t have enough budget to invest in tools such as a microphone or a camera.
  • 2: Lack of time: Yes, time is money, any serious marketer knows that. Hence most of them don’t make videos because it takes time.
  • 3-Lack of self-confidence: This is obviously one of the most barrier that prevent people from using videos to develop their business. They don’t want to make videos because they lack of confidence and they are afraid of what others may think about their voice, their face or their presentation.

Does one or more of these excuses sound familiar to you?

If you responded yes, then let me tell you straight: if you’re not using videos to promote your products or services, you’re missing a lot.

You’re leaving a big part of your potential traffic to others.

So how can you fix that, and start making videos when you lack of budget, you lack of time and don’t want to appear in front of a camera?

The solution is below…

In fact, with today’s technology, you can still make very good quality videos without ever having to appear on the screen or having to invest all your hard earned money in expensive materials.

There are lots of tools or software out there you can get for the cost of a good meal and use them to make high quality videos like the one above in just a few minutes.

How much do you think I spent to make that video?

Less than 70 dollars.

In fact it’s more or less the price I paid to buy VideoMakerFX; the software that allows me to create videos like this one.

How long did it take me?

Less than 20 minutes… and my face is not even showing on the screen.

It only took me 35 minutes in total to create the video, upload it on YouTube and rank it in the first page of Google (ranking may have changed depending on when ur reading this article.)

And I can create unlimited videos with different templates without paying any extra price.

See, you don’t need any fancy tool or a big budget to make videos that will drive countless of traffic to your website or blog for months or years to come.

Do you see the potential of video Marketing?

Video Marketing

Hope this article will encourage you to start using videos in your marketing strategy starting today.

The tool I used to create that video is called VideoMakerFX just in case you’d like to give it a try…

To your success

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