Top 9 Stupid strategies you can apply to make money blogging (2/2)

Are you looking for tips to work from home and make money online?

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Otherwise, you world not be here reading this article where I share with you my “Top 9 stupid strategies you can apply to make money blogging”.

This is part 2. Just in case you’ve missed part 1 of this article, you can still find it by clicking on the link above.

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Strategy #6- Making use of Social Media

Social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram have taken the power when it comes to putting your content in front of your targeted audience.

What does it mean?

Well, in a nutshell if you’re not using social media sites to brand your business, you’re losing both money and new sources of web traffic for your business.

Now, while making use of the power of social media platforms to drive massive traffic to your site, you must not neglect that all traffic is not created equal. There’s cost-free web traffic as well as paid web traffic. Free traffic is slow-moving, really sluggish. Paid traffic is quick as well as effortlessly scalable when it functions.

If you actually intend to generate cash quickly, you should take into consideration pursuing paid traffic because you won’t need to wait for months before you get outcomes.

Advertising on Facebook for instance, is today among one of the most effective ways to siphon tons of targeted laser targeted visitors to any web site. But you must know how to do it the right way.

There are tons of free courses that you can find online to lean how to effectively market on Facebook. But if you have a budget to invest in your own education, you can also buy high level training where you’ll learn from professionals who really know what they’re doing.

Just a couple of days ago, I purchased Dark Post Profits 2.0 from Chris Records, one of the best experts out there when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

Strategy 7#- Video Marketing

Video marketing can be really lucrative and powerful when you know how to use it. If making video is something what is an explainer videoyou’ve already wanted to do to develop your business, then you must go for it as soon as possible.

It is said everywhere that video is the future of online marketing. Just in case you haven’t noticed it yet, people are more and more attracted by content with videos than content with only articles.

Associating blogging with video marketing could easily become one of your best money making strategies.

Whether you’re an affiliate, a network marketer or a home based entrepreneur, video marketing is the best as well as fastest methods you could make use of to build rely on as well as relationship with your prospects and clients.

The more folks will certainly view you, the more they’ll take you as a specialist and also somebody useful. Once they get to know you, promoting your products to them will end up being easy. And bigger your income will be.

Strategy 8#- Amazon Associates

No need for me to inform you that if you’re not part of the Amazon Associates program, you’re leaving a lot of cash on the table.

Just as the 8 various other ways I’ve already discussed about previously, Amazon Associates is an excellent income source you could rely upon.

No matter which niche you’re into, there a services or products readily available for you on Amazon to advertise. It’s totally free to join as well as the commissions could be very financially rewarding if you work hard to target the best audience.

To assist you get going properly and also put all the chances of success on your side, you’ll discover lots of important tools as well as advertising and marketing suggestions inside of the member’s area.

Strategy #9- Email Marketing

You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times. But also for the sake of this blog post, I’m going to repeat it one more time: “The money is in the list”!

If you wish to make predictable, regular and lasting earnings online, you need to have a list to which you can market to whenever you have an offer to advertise.

Since each customer on your listing has a financial worth, and also as long as you’ve managed to build a trustful connection with them, you could earn money all day long with email marketing.

How do you think the top affiliates make their money?

Through their list, of course!

Now, to collect those leads that will certainly enable you to develop a dedicated list of clients, you’ll require 2 significant tools that the leading marketing professionals use: an auto-responder and also a lead squeeze system such as PopUp Domination as an example.

If you look all around my blog, you’ll notice that I have many ways to capture my reader’s information thanks to the lead capture systems I have in place.

These lead squeeze systems are directly connected to my GetResponse auto-responder to ensure that when individuals join my list, I could contact them whenever I would like to.

See the value of email marketing?

Voila! I hope that you enjoyed reading this article on my “Top 9 Stupid strategies you can apply to make money blogging”

Before you go, if you want to take your business to the next level and build a massive responsive list, I invite you to visit PopUp Domination.

To your success


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