Top 9 Stupid strategies you can apply to make money blogging (1/2)

I once read a blog post that was discussing about why blogging was coming to be more and more popular as well as why folks from throughout the globe were considering blogging as one of their ideal money making online activities. getting more leads and sales

Now, I’m not attempting to claim that the major factor of having a blog only depends on the fact that we can make money with it.

As you’ve viewed it, the title of this post is” Top 9 Stupid strategies you can apply to make money blogging “.

Some people blog for money and others just blog for passion or for fun.

The fact that you’re reading this post means that you’re either interested in blogging for money or maybe you’re just curious to find out what these “Top 9 Stupid strategies you can apply to make money blogging” are.

Whether you blog for money or just for fun, this article might interest you. So please keep reading…

Now the list below is not exhaustive and there are certainly much more strategies out there to earn money online with or without a blog.

As far as I’m concerned, The 9 methods I’m showing you below are just a few of them. But as advertising and marketing fads come and go, these 9 methods are those I noticed have actually constantly stayed the very same.

Strategy #1- Blogging for money.

It will not surprise you if I told you that if you wish to make money blogging, the very fast thing you will need to accomplish your goals, is to have a blog.

Does this resonates with you? Of course it does!

At this point, I probably think that you already have your own blog on which you can share your thoughts and vision with the world.

Just in case you do not have one yet, you can have your own done-for you blog by following this link.

Blogging is with no doubt an effective way to make money online as well as a good source of income you could rely upon.

Although the start could be sluggish as well as results may take some time to come, particularly if you only rely on SEO and free traffic from the search engines, when you get very popular at what you do and people start to trust you, you could build a loyal audience that will start to follow you and become your potential customers.

Promoting your products or services to that audience will then allow you to build a considerable passive income stream that will keep coming month after month for years to come.

Strategy #2- Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing associated with blogging can be very profitable if used correctly. These two strategies are the ones that have enabled me to make my very first bucks online when I started in this market.

I did not know anything about blogging then. So I spent a great deal of time to educate myself and learn how to buy a domain name, put together a blog and monetize it.

After I figured everything out, all I had to do then, was create a blog, sign up with certain free affiliate marketing companies and begin to advertise products connected to my particular niche on my blog.

After a few time, I started to see my first results.

Making money promoting other people’s product is so powerful because you don’t have to own the products you promote.

You don’t neither need to have a blog nor care for the customer’s support since the affiliate marketing company you’re related to takes care of everything for you, from providing the services or products you sell to sending you your payments.

All you need to do in affiliate marketing is select a product that your audience need and allow them to buy it.
The even more individuals see your products, the more cash you could possibly make.

Strategy #3- Network Marketing (MLM).

Network Marketing is another strategy you can use to make money blogging.

Network marketing and affiliate marketing are two business models that work almost the same way in that sense that you promote other people’s products to make money.

Although the two systems are similar, there are certain differences between a Multi-Level Marketing company and an affiliate company.

While joining an affiliate marketing company is entirely cost-free, which means that you don’t need to pay anything to join, most of the time you’ll be asked to pay a certain amount upfront or pay a monthly subscription fee just before you’re allowed to sign up with a MLM company.

People do not constantly know what makes the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing.

So if that’s your case, I truly recommend that you do your own research online before deciding what company to join.

Strategy # 4- Selling your very own products.

Selling your own product is another strategy you can apply as soon as today to start making money with your blog. Even if creating its own products is not for everyone, I personally think that it’s worth trying to learn how to put together something that you can put your name on.

Creating your own products have many advantages and can be more lucrative than just promoting other people’s products.


Because you can decide how much you want to earn by product you sell.

While most of the time you can make something from 5% to 70% in commissions with affiliate marketing, you can decide to keep 100% of the commissions on your own products if you sell them directly yourself by putting banners on your blog for instance.

Creating your own things can be scary due to the fact that there are several aspects and dangers included, such as finding the appropriate product that targets the correct audience, spending money from your very own pocket to have it produced and spending again a few extra money to promote it etc.

But once your product is released, if it’s really of good quality and intends to solve people’s problems, lots of other affiliates will certainly want to promote it for you throughout their blogs or their lists in exchange of a few commissions, leading to more money in your pocket.

Strategy #5- Blog Adverts.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Let it be Google AdSense or advertisements from various other networks, displaying advertisements has actually been and will certainly consistently be a good way to monetize a blog.

If you’ve been in the making money online game for a little while now, you’ve probably seen or read testimonials of people showing the amazing results they got just by putting some AdSense codes on their blogs, right?

So if you have a blog, do not neglect that income source. Despite the fact that you won’t make as much money as those people used to make in the past due to the fierce competition and the low cost per click, displaying ads still functions even today.

As your blog expands, increasingly more people will certainly begin to see it and also a few of them will eventually click on your advertisements, making you a passive earnings for years and years.

Oops! This article is already more longer than I wanted it to be so I will conclude here.

To not overwhelm you, I think that it’s better to split it in two parts.

Then if you’re still interested to know exactly what the other strategies to make money blogging are, you’ll need to read part 2. So don’t miss it…

To your success.


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