Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, actions lead to results (2-2)

21 Day Blogging Challenge with David Wood. (Day 9)

As you all know, at least I hope, David Wood, the Co-founder of the Empower Network blogging platform, which I am also an affiliate, launched us an interesting challenge that consists of blogging non-stop during 21 days in a row.

This challenge officially began December 29, 2014 and ends on 21 January. I chose to take part to the challenge for reasons I explain here. Thus, during this period, I will be publishing a new article on my blog whose sole purpose is to bring you value.

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Part 2

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I was in shock!

What about if my father was right after all, when he used to tell me that without Knowledge you don’t get anywhere?
By the age of 20 I still had no degree, no professional experience, no dream, no plan or vision for my future.

When I realized that, my thoughts started to play an important role in my feelings, my feelings pushed me to take actions, and actions would bring me great results.

And since the only way to have a good job and success in life was to work well at school, from that time on, I had decided to do whatever it took to get graduated.

This would make my father happy and allow me to get a better education. I had made that vow to myself that I would re-start everything from scrash, go to university and get as many degrees as possible.

Yep… you’ve heard it, as many degrees as possible!

However to make all this happen, there were a big problem I had to overcome first. And this big problem was my neighborhoods.

I knew from the very first day I had decided to change my destiny that I could not success if I stayed in my neighborhoods, frequenting the same closet minded people who had any goal in life.

For me, in order to success I had to go out of my comfort zone and learn from other people who would insert in me other ways of thinking, seeing things and behaving.

Thus, by the age of 22 I left Marseille; a French city where I grew up and went in London, in England.

There I learned English and occupied many jobs that helped me gain in maturity. Quitting my town and country to go abroad and get by by myself was a very positive and good experience that I recommend to anyone.

When I came back in France a year later, I finally decided to go away from Marseille for good and went in Paris; France’s Capital, where I live now.

In 2000, by the age of 23, I finally managed to obtain my first degree; the Baccalaureate. It’s a French degree that allowed me to go to university.

And four years later, I was graduated; obtaining a Master in business and foreign languages. But since I had made a vow to get as many degrees as possible, I didn’t want to stop there.

That’s why in 2004, I integrated a Business School between Paris and Brussels where I took an MBA in International Business.

It was great!

From being a college dropout, I ended up in a Business School years later with a Master degree.

I made a success of my challenge and all my efforts and determination have paid off.

For the first time, my father was and still is proud of me

Today I’m married with 4 kids. I have a good job in one of the biggest Bank of the world. And I owe all this to my Businessman with thumbs up, isolatedfather for what he taught me, and this spirit of victory and success he put in my mind ever since I was a kid.

Now when I look back to those years I spent in my district, it makes me think that my father was a kind of visionary in that regard that if he hadn’t put pressure on me, I would never have been where I’ am today.

I can say that for sure because most of the friends I grew up with have followed the same path and have the same destiny as our groins of that time had: they are either broke or jobless today.

Thanks daddy.

How my story can inspire you and why that formula can influence your own life?

The testimony I shared with you on this post is related to my story, my background and my experience.

While reading it, some people may wonder why I’m sharing this kind of stuff with the entire world since it’s personal.

I can understand them.

But my purpose here was not simply to relate you my life. As human beings, we all have our experiences, our ups and our downs, our successes and our failures, our hopes and our disillusions.

Of course these experiences are part of our personal life.

But I believe firmly that no matter how personal they can be, they can always help somebody who is encountering the same difficulties that we’ve gone though.

Hence, by sharing my testimony with you, I just wanted to tell people that it’s never too late to accomplish extraordinary things in life even when everything seems lost.

It always starts by thoughts, which lead to feelings, which lead to actions and then to results.

If you apply this concept in your own life, no matter what situation you may be in, you can change your entire destiny.

Never give up. When you have a dream, think seriously about it then take actions to do all it takes to make it come true.

You’ll be amazed to see the results you’ll get.

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