The 3 Pillars of SEO you should use to boost your internet marketing

Having an internet business involves that people have to see your website in order for them to buy whatever you are promoting or selling.
As a marketer, one of your main job is to do whatever it takes to bring as many eyes balls as possible to your site if you want your potential customers of future clients to see your offers.

Because let me ask you: what is the point of having a blog, a website or the best services or products in the world if nobody knows about them?
What is the point of having the best website in the world if nobody ever visits it?

There’s no point at all, right?


That’s the reason why it’s crucial that driving targeted traffic to your website or blog is something very important and that you should not neglect.

Now, how can you drive that targeted traffic to your website?

There are many different ways to get traffic. You can choose either the paid method if you have enough budget to invest on your traffic, or you can try the free method.

As you probably know by now, depending on the choice you’ll make, you won’t get the same results. Paid traffic such as PPC, Facebook adds or even AdWords for those who still use it is very fast and can be very effective if your campaigns are attractive. But the downside of using paid traffic is that it can cost you lots of money and you’re never sure how well it is going to convert.

Free traffic such as SEO, Video Marketing and Social Marketing on the other hand, if done correctly can be effective as well but the downside is that it takes a very long time and hard work before you really see good results.

However, since you need to drive traffic to your website or blog, you have no choice but to decide either you want to go for the paid solution or the free one.

Of course you can apply both methods at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with it and all the benefits will go to your website. But if your decision is to apply the free method, in this article I just want to quickly open your eyes in a free but still powerful method you can apply to bring targeted traffic to your website: I’ll call this method SEO Internet Marketing.

Yes, SEO Internet Marketing.


Simply because SEO still works. Many people will tell you that SEO is dead, especially since the major updates made by Google lately.
Of course SEO is dead for them because they do it wrongly by trying to fool the search engines.

But you know what? The search engines are not stupid, far from that. If you do your SEO correctly and don’t try to manipulate their results, you good to go because SEO is one of the best marketing technics today and it’s not as tough as the gurus may want to put it in your head.
Seriously, SEO Internet Marketing is not dead and if done correctly, it can help you out with your online business.

Watch this video on Getting Google Traffic and How SEO has changed by Lisa Irby

The 3 most important SEO Pillars

The first Pillar: Content

You’ve probably already heard it here and there that content is king, right? If there’s one particular thing that the search engines love above all, it’s fresh, relevant and unique content. If you can provide them with good quality content, you’ve already made the first step. Since Internet works on “search”, Google and its other friends pay a very close attention on the content you publish on your website.

They don’t want garbage, but they want valuable piece of information that their users will appreciate when stumbling upon your website. That’s why when you post a content, let it be a video or a blog article, put yourself at the shoes of your potential readers. As yourself if the piece of information you’re giving them is of value.

I mean, this goes without saying. Would still be reading this article if you didn’t see any value on it? I guess no… It’s the same for your readers. Always give them something they will not find elsewhere so that they will keep coming for more.

Make the quality your priority, not the quantity. Don’t bother putting together a long and boring article of 500-700 words that contains just a lot of “blab la bla”…

If you wish to have a good quality content, you can choose to create it yourself or to outsource it. But the first option takes time and the second one costs money.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough time or money to invest in your content creation, there are couples of tools or services such as Spin Rewriter or Blog Content Search that I personally use. I truly recommend them because they can be of a great help for your SEO. So check them out…

Never forget that at the end of the day, your goal is to bring targeted visitors to your blog or website and that all you want is to convert these visitors into clients. Once your visitors like what you provide, they may recommend your website to their friends and even share your content in the social media, which will attract you even more visitors.

When a visitor comes in your blog or website, it means that he needs something or a solution regarding a pain or problem he has. So make sure to always trying to give solutions and provide valuable information to your readers first and to the search engines then.

The Second Pillar: Links building

When we talk about links building, we MUST once again think about quality first. Many website have been hardly penalized by the latest changes made by the majority of the search engines because of the way they used to build their backlinks. If you don’t know what I mean by that, once you finish reading this article I invite you to do some research about Panda and Penguin and their consequences on the blogosphere.

This being said, good quality backlinks are very important if you want to promote your website. The links that point back to your website are the “juice” that will bombard it to the top of Google and improve its Page Rank. The search engines take many factors into consideration to decide which website should get the first spot, which means the position number one.

But a good backlinks strategy will certainly give them an idea concerning your website and this can play a major role on your ranking. Once again, be wise with that and do it correctly to boost your SEO.

The Third Pillar: Social Media Networks

Let me be very clear here. There are many ways out there you can use to improve your SEO Internet Marketing. But in this article I just picked these 3 pillars because I consider them as one of the most important when it comes to driving free traffic to your website and because I use them myself.

They are being more and more effective for me and I know that they can be of a great help for you too if you apply them the correct way and with persistence.

This being said, I want to conclude this article by recommending you the use of social media. This is a factor that you can’t afford to neglect if you want a maximum of exposure when it comes down to marketing your website.

In today’s marketing environment, social media take a big place and play a major role.


Because today almost everybody is into social media networking sites such as YouTube, Facebooks, Twitter, Pinterest and you name it. If you want to expose your website in front of these people, you have no choice: you need to be where these people hang out.

A very good strategy to reach these big audience is to open as many account as possible in your favorite social media networking sites and then to link your website or blog to these sites.

Each site has its own rules and you must accept and respect them if you want to continue using them safely. Avoid spamming or being too intrusive. Be interactive and always provide value.

If you use these 3 SEO Internet Pillars and if you commit yourself to apply them effectively and with persistence, you will soon see the improvement of your ranking and also the increase of your traffic.

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I hope this article will help you.

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