The 3 excuses that prevent you from becoming a top MLM recruiter

21 Day Blogging Challenge with David Wood. (Day 6)

As you all know, at least I hope, David Wood, the Co-founder of the Empower Network blogging platform, which I am also an affiliate, launched us an interesting challenge that consists of blogging non-stop during 21 days in a row.

This challenge officially began December 29, 2014 and ends on 21 January. I chose to take part to the challenge for reasons I explain here. Thus, during this period, I will be publishing a new article on my blog whose sole purpose is to bring you value.

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Are you involved in an online business such as Network Marketing that requires the recruitment of new members? Depositphotos_Recruiting Members

If so, how well are doing with your recruitment?

I’m asking for one simple reason. We all know that recruiting new members can be very hard when we just start online.

This can be even harder when we don’t know how to do it properly.

Or, when we have all kind of excuses that really prevent us from becoming the top recruiter we deserve to be.

So if you are unable to recruit new members, maybe the following article can help you overcome that situation.

Maybe you’re concerned with one of the 3 excuses below.

A few days ago I received an email from David Wood; one of my sponsors within the Empower Network.

The email in question really made me think because I somehow recognized myself in what he said.

The title of the email, rather short but with a strong impact, was:

“Are you aware of the top three excuses that stop people from ever becoming a master recruiter?”

Then, in a few lines, he developed the three excuses which he said actually prevent people to recruit more people to their business. I thought that this email could help you if you are concerned with such problems.

And so I decided to publish an excerpt of it here on my blog, I invite you to read it carefully.

So here it is:

Are you aware of the top three excuses that stop people from ever becoming a master recruiter?

I am.

Here they are:

  1. “I don’t know how to sponsor new people into my business.”
  2. “I’m just getting started, why would any one want to join my team?”
  3. “Of course they could do it – they have already gotten a lot of success so it is easy for them.”

Do these sound familiar? I’m willing to bet they do.

There’s a good chance that these are some of the excuses you have said to yourself at one point in time.

It’s these excuses that are keeping you away from success.

From making the money you know you can have.

From living the life you desire and deserve.

It’s only when you overcome these excuses that success can begin to come your way.

So how do you do it? How do You recruit more people?

Watch this video to see how David Wood can help you become a TOP RECRUTER starting today.

If you exercise an online business activity, whether in the field of Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or just any other home based business, you know full well how much it is necessary for you to market your business with as many people as possible.

Once your service or product finds its target audience, converting that audience into customers who buy your services or products then becomes your goal number 1.

And yet, whether to recruit new members or close sales, many marketers just fail due to some excuses that block them.

After reading this article, I hope you will identify the excuses that prevent you from really developing your potential and make every effort to overcome them.

You and only you know better than anyone what the obstacles that prevent you from becoming a master recruiter are.

What are your obstacles?

Have your excuses?

It’s your lack of technical knowledge or marketing?

It’s your lack of knowledge of your market?

Some – what is stopping you from moving forward, identify it and do everything to overcome it.

Success is in front of you … but to reach it, you have to put aside all your excuses.

Can you do that?

Yes you can!

To your success


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