Spin Rewriter, what about if you could solve your content problems for good?

When it comes down to getting content and posting it on your blog or on your website, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind: All the content are not created equal.

Content is still king


This means that there’s no point of having a massive amount of content published on your blog if that content is not original, attractive, informational and unique.

Today all the big majority of the search engines hate sites that have duplicate content. As the Internet works on “search” Google, Yahoo, Bing and most of the search engines pay a very close attention to the content that you put online because they want that content to be of a great value to people searching for a specific service, or information online.

If you want to find an Italian Restaurant in Paris on the Internet for example, the only way to find it is to go on your favorite search engine and search for the specific terms you really need. After a few moment, the search engine will bring you all the results related to the term Italian Restaurant arround Paris.

That’s the king of experience they want to provide to the users. Good quality and informative sites. Not sites with bad quality information that will only deceive the customer.

Posting good quality content on your website can help it improve its Page Rank and almost force the search engines to provide you with free organic traffic.

Do you see why it is so important to publish original and good quality content on your website?

But if you have poor quality and duplicate content, you can get penalized.

But how can you get fresh, original and unique content?

Why not write it yourself? This sounds to be the good idea, right? After all, the only way to get a content that is 100% is unique is to write it yourself. If you have time, why not?

That’s exactly what I did with the article you’re reading right now. I wrote it myself and I don’t have nothing to worry about because I know that my article is unique.

But you know what? Writing this piece of article took me time. Being a marketer, I know that I could use that time doing other things that I like. I could even use that time to spend it with my family. But I spent that time working on this article just because I want it to be unique and that I don’t want to pay a fortune to someone else to do it for me.

See? You can stay in front of your computer all day long writing your own unique and original content, but by now you know that you can spend that time with your family or working on doing other activities you like such as working on other money making activities that would help you make more money online.

And if you want to get plenty of content, you may face many other problems like “the lack of inspiration” that will only end up by overwhelming you even more.

If you think that the lack of imagination won’t be a problem for you since you can just go out there and get tons of PLR articles and manually modulate them to give them your very own voice, good luck with that.  We are in 2014. The search engines and all the latest updates such as Panda or Penguin made by Google have changed the game.

It’s almost impossible to fool them with hand manipulated content.

So once again: how do you get your hands on tons of unique articles?

Honestly you still have many ways to get content. For instance, you can just grab them from a third party like article directories. The big  problem with that is that this doesn’t work as it used to with all the changes made by The SERP’s. The directories are full of people who don’t like to write their own articles. All they do is grab all the best articles as soon as the directories publish them and hurry to duplicate them on their own websites.

Sometimes they don’t even take time to spin them.

See? I can continue like this telling you again and again why you absolutely need good quality and unique content on your website but I think that there’s no need because now I know that you get the point.

Writing your own articles takes time. Outsourcing the process can cost you lost of money.

So is there no hope to have original content without spending a fortune?

My answer is yes there is!

Do you remember when I said that I wrote the article you’re reading right now myself? Well, it’s absolutely true. But I have to confess that I don’t always write all my articles myself. I run many blogs on many different niches and writing each article myself would take me a great deal of time and brainpower.

I only write articles for my personal blogs like this one you’re reading now. Regarding my other blogs on other niches, I used to outsource this task. But I no longer dot it anymore.

In fact, today I use another solution.

Want to know what this solution is and what tool I use to create unlimited content for my blogs?

I use a “content spinner” such as Spin Rewriter that does all the work for me.

Spin Rewriter is one of those revolutionary next-generation content rewriting tools that will solve your content problems once for all. Once you put your hands on this magical tool, all you have to do is copy your original text and paste it in the system.

Less than a few minutes later, you get literally hundreds of unique copies of unique articles. All you have to do then is export all that content and use them at youe ease.  Knowing that you have plenty of unique articles, you can use them to create more backlinks or publish them straight on your website.

Click here and discover this magic tool that will solve your content problems for good…

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