How to find time to develop your blog when you have a busy professional life?

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How to find time to develop your blog when you have a busy professional life?

If there is one thing I am sure of is that everyone is not meant to be a blogger. Unless you are a real passion for blogging and devote all your days and sometimes even your nights, you will quickly realize that keeping a blog requires a lot of energy and especially time.

A day lasts only 24 hours and the problem is that with our professional, family and social life, this time we do not always have it.

So how can you reconcile your job and your passion for blogging?

I asked myself this question once. So I decided to write this article to try to find an answer for myself while trying to help those of you that would arise also the same question.

Below are some ideas that might help you answer that question:

1 Do not quit your job for your blog

Since Internet Marketing gurus display the fortunes they amassed on the internet through their blogs, it seems that everyone wants to become a professional blogger.

I was reading an article the other day in this direction on a blog of a friend of mine.

The latter was complaining of not being able to make enough money with his blog because his salary job was taking him too much time.

He argued that he could not manage to develop his blog as he wished due to his busy professional life.

Frustrated, he wondered if it was not better for him to quit his job to concentrate better on his blog?

My answer here is NO!!!

Do not quit your job for your blog, at least not as long as it does not allow you to generate a sizeable and steady income to live decently.

Making money with a blog is very time and energy consuming. Above all, it is not given to everyone to create a successful blog that will make you the money you need to live and take care of your family.

You will often wait several months and work fiercely before seeing the first fruits of your labor.

So please do not consider quitting your job before your blog can make you at least $3000 per month.

2 Get organized so you can blog from anywhere

The advantage of keeping a blog is the flexibility it offers us to work from any corner of the planet.

All you need to grow your online business is an internet connection and a mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone).

From these simple devices, you can write your articles, respond to your comments, send emails to keep in touch with your community, make video or podcasts and publish them all on your blog without ever having to stay in one place.

You can save time by blogging from anywhere, in the beach, on travel, in your office or to the park… It just takes a little planning and discipline. There is absolutely no need to blog 12 hours a day to succeed.

3 Combine your work and your passion for blogging

Anyone can have access to the Internet from his workplace.

Whether with your mobile phone, your last Ipad or even your desktop computer, it is always possible to work on your blog while you are at work.

If for some reason working on your personal activity is prohibited during your office hours, which is perfectly understandable, you can still enjoy your break time to write from time to time a small article for your blog.

This will allow you to combine business with pleasure and it’s a huge time saver. Back at home, all you’ll have to do then is some small corrections and publish your article. It’s a great way to save time for your blog while exercising its core business as an employee .

4 Arrange for blogging before or after work

This advice joins the precedent. Depending on the industry you work in, you probably already know that it is not always possible to blog during work hours.

In this case, you can simply organize yourself a planning either early in the morning or late at night to be able to blog either before or after your job.

It’s really up to you therefore to see if you’re more of a morning or evening. But whatever your preference, you have to focus in order to spend at least two hours per day working on your blog.

This is the price to pay if you want to quickly create a successful blog and attract visitors.

5 Remove from your life all unnecessary distractions

Watching the Sunday night football game on TV or following his Facebook fans when we had planned to work on our blog are all distractions that can prevent us from focusing on our blog.

If relaxing and taking life easy from time to time do not hurt, and it is even advisable, always be careful not to let these little distraction distract you though.

Make a list of all the distractions that disturb you and try to get rid of them. This will allow you to spend a little extra time to work into your blog.

6 Do your best to avoid any distraction as small as it is

The world around us is so full of distractions that it is so easy to get out of its concentration and ultimately waste ipas2income.comtime doing something we had not expected at all.

Consider for example, the other day I had a lot of action in mind that I had planned to carry on one of my blogs.

All day, I was eager to find myself in front of my computer to work at last. But when I log into my email account to respond quickly to some contacts, I found a link to a YouTube video that someone had sent me and that only lasted two minutes.

I convinced myself that the video was not long and I could watch it before starting to work so I clicked on the link that took me to YouTube.

The only problem is that from this single link, I found myself watching dozens of other videos on the same topic. Before I realized it, I had spent like 2 hours or more on YouTube watching video after video.

In the end I was so tired that I left my computer without having done nothing of all that I had planned on my blog.

Identify all the little distractions that can keep you away from your primary objectives and avoid them altogether as long as you do not reach those goals.

7 Disconnect from time to time

Your family and loved ones are essential to you as a person and for your equilibrium.

Many bloggers tend to want to work 12 hours a day and forget despite them to pay attention to the people around them.

Do not make the same mistake.

So take the time to disconnect from your blog from time to time and live the real life with your friends and relatives.

This will prevent you from the “burn out” and will do you a lot of good.

To your success!


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