How To Come Up With Video Creation Ideas

90 Days Video Challenge Day 36/90

90 Days Video Challenge Day 36/90 : How To Come Up With Video Creation Ideas

Do you sometimes find yourself in a position where you completely lack of inspiration when trying to come up with new content ideas for your videos?

How To Come Up With Video Creation Ideas

I know you do! Because the truth is, when you do things on a consistent basis, it’s very common to find yourself in a pinch. Finding new content ideas everyday can quickly become very challenging, especially if like me, you create 3-6 videos per week and you don’t want to waste all your time on that particular part of your business.

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So what’s the solution?

Well that’s exactly why I decided to create this video on which I share with you a few tips you can put in use as soon as today to help you find content ideas for your videos. Just as a reminder, this video is the sequel of “5 Benefits Of Making Videos For Your Business” that I published a few days ago.

But to push things even a little further and to give you even more value just to thank you for following my journey and being one of my readers, today I want to give you a FREE gift. It’s a 101 Video Creation Ideas Cheat Sheet you can download here on my blog if you’re interested.

See, the other day I was on a live webinar with video marketing expert Mark Harbert where he delivered tons of free value on how to get more leads with your YouTube Channel. So all credit goes back to him. At the end of this live training I had the chance to put my hands on that list.

The name of the webinar was : “New Powerful YouTube Features & Tweaks to Your YouTube Channel Guaranteed to Help You Get More Leads!”

And here are a few topics it covered :

  • New Powerful YouTube Features to crank up engagement on all your videos
    Why not using YouTube from here on out is costing you money daily. (We’ll show actual PROOF)
    Simple tweaks to your YouTube channel to practically ENSURE you pull in more targeted leads.
    Critical steps you can take today to get more subscribers and more views to all your videos.
    And much, much more from a 6-figure video marketing wizard!

I found it so valuable that I wanted to give you the opportunity to get it as well so that the next time you find yourself stumped on what to create a video on, you can just pick one idea from the list and then start working on your project.

How To Come Up With Video Creation Ideas

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To give you a quick overview of what kind of topics you’ll find on that list, here are 16 random ideas :

Interview leaders and influencers in your niche
Do a simple screen capture tutorial
Talk about the benefits of your particular product that you sell
Do a recap of the best videos of the week in your niche
Do a video about case studies that other people have done.
Conduct your own research or case study and do a video about it
Do an interview of someone successful
Compile a list of online tools that people in your niche can use and do a video on it
Talk about good places to connect online
Do a things you don’t know about me video
Do a video about how to improve a skill that people want to improve
Do a video about setting goals in your particular niche
Create a video about all the best training materials in your niche
Make a video about your goals and dreams
Let your viewers know how to make money doing what they love
Review software

Do you see the power? Do you think that if you have a list of more than 100 ideas like that coming up with new ideas to create videos on will be a problem for you again? I hope no!

PS: The live webinar Mark Harbert did the other night was full packed!

This webinar may no longer be available for the public depending on when you’re reading this post. If you’re interested and would like to watch it anyway, you still can find it in the MLSP back office.

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Be blessed…

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