How to build your brand using Social Media like YouTube

When you decide to start your online business, there are some tools and media you absolutely need to use if you want to build your brand as quick as possible.

Building your brand will give you the advantage to brand yourself as an expert so that the people you want to attract will have more trust on you. That’s why it is necessary that you, as an online entrepreneur, need to invest into yourself. Fotolia réseau amis

Now, no matter what niche you are in, it is also important to brand yourself first before trying to brand your company or your offers.


Branding yourself and standing as a leader must be your strategy number one just because in today’s affiliate marketing world, people want to follow leaders and those who have been there and done this and that before them.

In affiliate network marketing, people like to follow people they trust. You may have the best products or services out there but if your target market don’t know you, they will probably not buy from you and spend their hard earned money with your products.

You may make one or two sales from time to time but it will be hard for you to build a big and solid residual income as the big boys do.

Now, you may ask yourself; how can I brand myself?

If you want a quick answer, go on YouTube and see how different people from different places are branding themselves in front of their camera. They getting tons of views and their businesses are climbing to the roof just because other people like what they do and trust them.

Now I know that certain people don’t like being in front of a camera and maybe it’s your case. It’s ok. There are many ways to brand yourself on YouTube without showing your face and people can still follow you because they gona like your voice or any value you can provide them regarding their pain.

If appearing in front of a camera scares you, you can outsource this part to a third party you can hire on for $5 or on

You may not know it but even if my blog is in English, English is not my primary language. My everyday language is French. So whenever I want to make a video in English for whatever product or service I want to promote, I don’t panic.

Seriously, why should I panic? There are many people out there who are willing to do it for me so I just outsource the whole process and I enjoy the finished job.

If you were not using video to brand yourself, now I’m sure that you understand all the potential you are leaving behind you. So I encourage and urge you to start promoting yourself using the power of video marketing.

Doing so will help you get more leads and make more sales online.

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