How I found Empower Network and why I decided to join them

When I created my first blog almost two years ago, I was totally novice in this field. I had no experiences and terms such as SEO, affiliate marketing or back links had no meaning for me.

I did not know how to create a blog, how to install it or how to put it online. But the worst is that IFotolia argent did not even know what I really wanted to do with the blog.

It was only after a lot of research that I understood the importance of having a blog.

After I made my first dollars online, I joined “The Schoemoney System” and another French blogging program called “Comment Bloguer Comme Un Pro” because I wanted so bad to learn how to be a better blogger.

Having finished my courses, I decided to start a blog called “Make Money Advices” to put into practice what I had learned. I was so excited to create that blog and I was so confident that I would make money online that I started working like a crazy.

Unfortunately, it all failed again because I was still doing things the wrong way. After that, I went on buying all king of stuff I could find out there on how to make money online, create a killing blog or building a list without any effort or hard work. But still everything I tried failed again.

I got discouraged, promising myself that I would never start a blog again till I came across the Empower Network system.

I thank God for putting Empower Network in my path

I don’t know about you but regarding myself, I really think that some times certain things happen in our lives and we just have to thank God about them.

I’m saying that because before I join Empower Network, I had never heard about it and I didn’t even know it existed. So how did I get to know this business model? Well, I really think it’s God Himselth who has put it in my path.

I discovered EN (Empower Network), just like that. This was a couple of weeks ago, when I was checking my emails. Just as you, I get a ton of unsolicited emails everyday into my inbox.

As I was ready to empty my junk emails, I noticed this email that was saying “Increase the traffic of your site today using Media Buying”. Well, most of the time, when people get these kinds of emails whether they through them away straight away, or they say it’s a spam and they complain.

Personally I don’t react that way. When I receive an unsolicited email, I always take the time to try to find out more what it’s all about. What do I have to lose? Nothing, right? So this email was there, just waiting for me.

And as I always do, I clicked on it, just to see what kind of offer was behind it. And I remember having said to myself, “go ahead, if it’s bullshit you’ll just have to delete it and that’s it”.

Clicking on this email took me to the following page, where some guy called Vick Strizheus, was promoting a new business opportunity on how to make money online called Big Idea Mastermind that has helped him make More than $700 in less than 30 days.

Gosh!!! Was this really believable? Could this really be true, or was this another stupid scam from another fake guru?

I wanted so bad to join the High Traffic Academy

If I hadn’t head about Vick Strizheus before I watched his videos, I would never had trusted it and I would just have closed the internet page and walk away. But as a matter of fact, I had heard about Vick, just a little time ago, when I was looking for a way to boost the traffic of my Blog, and once again, God had put in my path an email that had taken me to his High Traffic Academy course.

I had watched the 4 free videos of him promoting this Academy that allowed him to get thousands of laser targeted visitors on demand per day. I remember having been astonished and totally blown away buy these high quality courses on how to get traffic and make mountains of money online he was giving away for free.

I wanted so bad to join the High Traffic Academy but unfortunately, the doors where closed. So when I saw these videos of BIM (Big Idea Mastermind), I just said to myself: if Vick Strizheus is behind this stuff, sure it’s a serious business and maybe I should give it more credit. I read some forums to get better idea about what this Empower Network and BIM real where and watched some testimonial videos on Youtube.

I saw all these people who once were struggling making money online and who now were making a 4, 5 or even 5 figures a month using the power of Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind all together.

Before you become a member of BIM you must join Empower Network

Before you become a member of BIM you must join Empower Network since they both work together. Without hesitating, I decided to register and join the community. Now I’m all in. As a beginner, I started as a basic member.

Since Empower Network allows you to earn 100% commission on what you promote, this means that I can make $25 monthly each time someone subscribes with me as his sponsor.

Knowing that you can make up to $5000 per month just with the basic level, there’s no doubt that one can make a great deal of money if he/she is very serious and put all the work and effort needed.

There are five levels when you join BIM: Basic, “Silver, Gold, Platinum and the best of the best Diamond“. The higher you position yourself, the more money you make.

I’ve just started with EN and BIM and lately I upgraded to the Silver Level. Of course, my goal is to become a Diamond member as soon as possible since it’s where people are really making big money.

As I’m writing this article, I don’t know yet how far this new business will take me. But I’m confident that this time I found one of the best opportunities in the world when it comes down to making money online.

I will be publishing my results in this blog as I go forward. If you would like to see how well I’m doing, just keep paying me some visit from time to time. 

If you want to join Empower Network, just click here

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