Do Multi Level Marketing Scams scare you?

The Number 1 Network Marketing Success Secret I learned from my mentor is:

Find a heavy hitter producing the results you want and simply copy your way to success.

Why am’I telling you that?

Simply because Network Marketing can be very scary sometimes.


Because for one reason or another, many people associate Multi-Level Marketing with what we can call pyramiding scams. Fotolia réseau amis

It’s true! Don’t believe me?

Then the next time you go to one of your favorite search engines, try to search for “Multi-Level Marketing Scams or Multi-Level Marketing Scams Review” and you will see how many pages associated with these terms will show up on the first pages of the results.

You will be surprised, even chocked to see how people easily tend to accuse Multi-Level Marketing as one of the many scams that we can find on the internet.

Are all Multi Level Marketing Scams?

This is not always true. Although there are a wide range of scammers that you MUST avoid at any cost, there are also many MLM companies out there who are really honest and helpful.

These rare companies work very hard and really take care of their members by providing them tons of reputable services and products designed to help them grow their business and make the money they promise.

Though, I’m not trying to tell you that all MLM companies that exist out there are legit and credible. Far from that. I’m just trying to make you understand that there are lots of fuss concerning network marketing spread by some dream killers who have miserably failed online and who don’t want to see you succeed.

They will tell you “Don’t join this Multi-Level Marketing cauz it’s a scam. I tried it but never made any money with them…”

But what they forget to tell you is that they did not put any work to get the results they wanted and that they just crossed their fingers and waited for the money to fall from the sky to their bank account.

Any serious MLM will tell you straight that making money online is not “a push button to get rich tomorrow game”. It takes hard work, time, efforts, sacrifices, personal and financial investment before you see the first results.

Unfortunately, most people quit before they see the light of success.

If you’re not ready to work hard and commit yourself to doing whatever it takes to make it happen, then this game is not for you.

Your results don’t depend on their results. Their experience is not your experience.

Before considering joining a MLM opportunity, it would be wise that you get your own opinion first. Even if you hear here and there that the company you’re interested in is a scam, well, do your own search and try to contact people who been there before you just to get their honest feedback, you know!

Most of the time, the serious MLM companies put at your disposal a “Testimonial” page with a link to some of their members where you can see their names and even their website or the Facebook profile. Contact them and see what they have to say and if they are really getting results as the company mentions.

Once, and only once everything is crystal clear for you, then you can decide if you want to get involved with the Network Marketing Company in question or not. The choice must be yours. It must be well reflected and not influenced by what other people say.

I receive tons of emails in my inbox each and every day of people I don’t even know who want me to join their “magical best in the world business opportunity”. Well, even if I know from the spot that these emails are just spams and that I will not join, since I’m an open minded guy, I open them just to satisfy my curiosity and see what is really behind.

Sometimes I fall into some real gold nuggets that help me improve my business and sometimes I stumble upon some damn scams from which I run away as fast as possible. But whatever decision I take, I do it knowingly…

So the next time you too stumble upon a business opportunity, before treating it as a Multi-Level Marketing Scam, I recommend you to be open minded. Conduct your own search, get in touch with people who been there and done that before you then take your decision knowingly.

Please watch the vide below by Chris Jones; the co-founder of iPas2

What do you have to lose?

A serious Network Marketing Company will always, always give you a trial period to see if you like their product or services like iPas2 does. If for any reason you don’t like what they offer, you can ask for your money back and they must refund you.

So let me ask you: did this article help you?

Are you ready to put into practice what we discussed about here?

Do you want to test the MLM Company I’m working with to start generating leads and then transforming those leads into paying customers?

Are you ready to start your very own home business?

If you answered YES to one of the questions above, then chances are you’re ready to invest in a MLM biz.

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