WP Smart Member Review: $5397 in Bonus Given Away

Smart Member Review

You’ve probably already heard about Smart Member and now you need to find out more about it before deciding if you must purchase it.

Well, just as promised during a call he made a few months ago, on Monday 15th, Internet maketer Chris Record; the creator of FB Dark Post Profits , is launching a new piece of software called Smart Member.

Being on Chris Record’s emailing list, I’ve been receiving emails almost every day regarding this new product and I’ve been carefully following what was going on behind the scenes concerning the launch of Smart Member.

Even though I was not very motivated about this launch in the beginning just because I’m working on too many projects right now, as Chris’s emails kept coming in my inbox, I told myself that I had nothing to lose by clicking on one of these links just to see what all the fuss was about. And when I finally clicked and landed on the presentation page of Smart Member, oh boy… I was amazed.

Chris and his team have really done a great and fantastic job, once again. They over-delivered with this product which I sincerely think will changes lives and help many of you guys finally start making money online working from home.

Click here to visit Smart Member official website now…

Chris is a genius guy, a massive action taker person and a brilliant and smart entrepreneur that I’ve been following for a long time now. So when he says that he’s launching a new product and that he personally invites you to participle in the launch, you’d be silly not to accept.

Since I’m not a silly guy, I accepted. That’s why I’m making this Smart Member Review.

I don’t know about you but I know when I’m in front of a good or bad product. And honestly, Smart Member is really a good product that will blow your mind. The team behind it is composed of very experimented and talented persons of the arena of making money online industry and not just some flight by night guys who want to make quick dollars and live you with a crap product that does not work.

These guys really know their business and you can trust them.

Chris Record's Smart Member Review

So what on earth is this Smart Member Software?

Smart Member is new piece of software designed by a team of marketers for internet marketers and work from home entrepreneurs just like you. What this software can do for you is that it allows you to build your very own and complete membership sites in minutes without having to worry about complicated coding for instance.

No matter which niche you’re into, this software will enable you to turn any of your content, tutorials and training materials into very lucrative resources that your customers will want to pay to access, resulting in monthly or yearly recurring passive income for you.

How much does Smart Member cost?

During week launch, the software will cost you $497. Now I know that some of you may already say that it’s not cheap. But when you see what it can do for you and all the advantage, features and bonuses you get, you’ll change your mind. This is a one-time payment if you take action during week launch only.
After week launch, the software will sell for $47/mo (light version) and $97 (full version).

Here’s what you get when you join Smart Member today:

Smart Member Lifetime Access

Smart Member is a Premier Membership Platform that allows you to build complete membership sites in just minutes.

It’s a must-have software for anyone who does product launches online, as well as anyone who sells to a specific niche and wants to earn continuity income every month from it.

After launch week this software will sell for $47/mo (light version) and $97/mo (full version).
Customers who purchase during launch week can get LIFETIME ACCESS with No Monthly Fees at all!

Bridge Pages Lifetime Access

Bridge Pages is our proprietary software platform that allows you to create dynamic bridge marketing pages instantly to rapidly increase conversions and ROI. Instead of creating 1 page and trying to target the masses, with Bridge Pages you can create unlimited versions of that page, allowing you to laser-target any niche you can think of!
This software will sell for $47/mo or $297/yr, but as a special during the launch week of Smart Member, buyers will get LIFETIME ACCESS to Bridge Pages included with their purchase!

2 Tickets to July Las Vegas Event

The Create Capture Convert Conference (3C) is a a 3-day event held on July 24th, 25th, & 26th just off the strip in Las Vegas, with hundreds of entrepreneurs flying in from around the world!
Chris Record will be the main keynote speaker, with numerous guest speakers, all of which have made big 6 and 7 figure incomes through their online marketing efforts.

Conference Tickets are $497 per person to attend, but anyone who purchases Smart Member during launch week will receive 2 conference tickets included with their purchase!
On top of that, you also get access to 27+ Features and up to $9357 worth of bonus given away by Chris Record.

You’ll also get $5397 worth of bonuses and 27+ Features to take your business to the next level:

Smart Member Ft

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To your massive sucess


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