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In this short article, I just want to share with you some suggestions on ways to recognize “an entrepreneurial opportunity.”

I’ve been online for nearly 3 years now and I’ve spent a lot of my time on the internet tryingDollar symbol isolated on a white background, vector illustration to find that gold opportunity that would lastly help me start my very own online company and make a fulltime income from the convenience of my house.

Just as many of you, I started my online quest by creating blogs. My initial blog,, was launched in late 2010. I was extremely proud of this blog since it was the first piece of content I ever put online.

Since I was a teen, I always was enthusiastic by creating and reading all kinds of things. And for the first time of my life, I had this blog on which I could post exactly what I desired and share my vision and sights with the whole world.

For more than 2 years, I worked like an insane to make this blog get off the ground. Right after, I began to view some excellent outcomes and the blog began bringing me some good cash.

Still have my 9 to 5 job

Although I still had and still have my 9 to 5 job, I was proud of the passive income my blog was making. Every little thing seemed to be ok till I observed that for no reason in any way, everything began to collapse.

Gosh !!!

My traffic went from almost 500 visitors a day to less than 50. In merely a couple of days, I lost my ranking as well as my monthly incomes.

Oh my Gosh! Exactly what happened? As you might have guessed, similar to too many online marketers out there, I got penalized by Penguin, Panda and all these various modifications Google implemented.

It was merely terrible to see that I had actually shed my additional wage virtually just overnight. Afterwards, absolutely nothing was the same again.

I tried to persuade myself that if I had actually done it once, I could do it again.  So what did I do? Instead of giving up, I began various other blogs on other different specific niches … but the outcome was never ever there.

After that, I had only 2 choices : keep on blogging or giving up for all.

But you know what? Since I had a vision and a goal, I kept on blogging. Yet at the same time I started checking out in intend to see if I might discover much better business opportunities. I went from sites to sites and I bought nearly all the items or programs I could find on the internet promising me to make large cash simply by pressing some so called “magic buttons”.

As I’m writting this down, I know that I’m not the only one in this case. Probably several of you have perhaps also experienced the exact same situation with all these “false” magic products that promise you to get rich without any type of work and any effort.

However of course once you’ve invested your money to purchase these magic products, you never see the promised results and you jump to the following products thinking that this time around you’ve discovered the biggest opportunity that will help you make a killing online.

Never being discouraged

In my case, none of the items or programs I purchased from those “gurus” out there did work for me.

Was I dissatisfied? Oh yes!!!

Did I criticize those “so called experts”? Off course!

Did this discourage me from seeking my dream of making a fulltime income from the comfort of my home? Heck no!

The only thing I did was to look myself in the mirror and promise myself that I would never ever again buy one of these so “magic programs unless” I stumble upon a program really different from all those programs I had actually made use of previously.

After that came Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind

Join Big Idea Mastermind Here

Now you know exactly what? It didn’t take me long before I jump on the web again and surrfing arround in order to find another business possibility.

That’s exactly how I came across the Big Idea Mastermind System; a program that allows you to promote the Empower Network System.

As far as I’m concerned, both of these programs are now appearing as two of the most highly effective products in the “generating income online market”.

How can I say that? Well, as I claimed, I have actually tested a lot of money making programs that now it’s as if I have actually developed a type of “intuition” that allows me to know whether I’m handling a real opportunity or another scam.

In the past, I would purchase a brand-new program right away, without doing effective study like reviewing other people’s evaluations or testimonials.

This time however, I operated in different ways. When I found Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind, I didn’t hurry to buy them up until I read testimonials and various other details to see what other people were saying regarding them.

Exactly what I found merely persuaded me to give these programs a chance. After all, I didn’ t have absolutely nothing to lose, did I?

I’m now a member of Empower Network and BIM

Long story short, I’ve finally joined Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind. And you know what ? These programs are just mind blowing. What I’m learning with them is merely overpassing all my expectations in regards to company model, cash making opportunities and training devices.

By the time I’m posting this article, I’m still learning, watching the video that show you exactly how to get started and adhering to all the core commitments I’ve been designated to apply.

To be honest, I really don’t know how far these 2 programs will take me but the promises are big and the goals reachabale.

Yet one thing I’m sure about is that this time it appears that I’ve lastly discovered and seized the entrepreneurial opportunity I’ve been searching for to build my passive income online.

Are you seeking an Entrepreneurial opportunity ?

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