Building a residual passive income from home

Who else wants to build a residual passive income from home?

If your answer was “me”; here are a few tips to help you create your own home based business.

I’m surprised to see the growing number of people that want to establish their home based businessDepositphotos Marketing. And obviously, I’m one of them. This is due to many factors among which :

  • the economic crisis we are facing is lasting longer than expected…
  • Internet is completely changing people’s lives… 

I’ve been blogging for couple of years now. But since I’ve joined Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind, things have a little changed in my head.

In the past I was just blogging for fun, with no clear goals at all. Today I consider myself as a real online entrepreneur aiming to create my own business.  Yep! I’m on my way to creating myself a real home-based enterprise. 

I don’t know how you consider your online activity. But for many people I talk with, working from the comfort of your home is an exciting option that gives you the advantage of managing your own business while enjoying the presence of your family.

While in the past the only way to get en extra income was either to have a fulltime job or to win the lottery, nowadays the Internet has made it possible to convert your kitchen or your bedroom to a personal office. That is to say that you don’t longer need to have to wake up every single morning and go to office to work.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not saying that you need to work. I’m just saying that you can use Internet to build yourself an extra residual passive income that will change your life.

If you want to build a residual passive income, you’re not obliged to have a 9 to 5 job since today you can make a full time income just working online. Thanks to Internet you can start your own business tomorrow and you don’t need :

  • No expensive offices
  • No complicated employees.
  • No astronomical investments to get started.
  • No partners.

More than that, the cost of running a home based business is significantly ridiculous when compared with that of running a brick-and-mortar enterprise.

Need an example?

If you want to start you’re activity with Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network, it will cost you only $25 per month. But if you work hard enough, you can still get big commissions and make a real residual passive income.

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Now, tell me… where else can you start a business with so little investment ?

Only online, right?

Create a Business Plan and set up clear goals

Now matter what domain or niche you’d like to start your business in, it is always very important to know exactly what you want to do.

So, before starting anything, consider having a clear business plan. It’s important for any entrepreneur aiming to succeed to have a plan. This document can serve as your guide for you and your business to eventually achieve your goals.

To make it simple, you’ll get to your intended destination quicker once you identify the steps that lead to it, the minimum capital you need to invest to start, the product or service you’d like to propose or the type of clients you’d like to reach.

Use Internet end other Modern Technologies at your disposal

Before the development of Internet, it was complicated to establish a home based business without having to have to deal with a lot of complicated matters. Things have changed now. You can start a business in almost any domain with almost no money at all thanks to modern technologies.

One of the cons of having a home-based business is not having the chance to accommodate walk-ins in your location. This is a dilemma that can quickly be resolved when you access the advantages offered by technology.

For instance, you can create an ecommerce website, send newsletters via email, or create a social media account on Facebook or use the power of YouTube to attract new buyers with creative videos.

When collaborating with a far-flung partner, modern technology and online tools such as Skype or Google Docs can make your life easier.

No need to travel around the world any more to sell your products or propose your services since the world is coming to you! With modern technology you’re completely free and if your product or service is really innovative, you can meet success very quickly.

Outsourcing is one of the top keys to success

I know! As an auto-entrepreneur, you may want to run the business entirely on your own and be your own boss as soon as possible. But there’s nothing wrong about outsourcing when it’s needed so that you can let other people do what you don’t want or can’t do yourself.

That means that as an entrepreneur, you’d rather focus on managing your business than maintaining your website, right? Instead of sacrificing your online presence and devoting your entire time to business-related matters, the best move is to hire experts to handle the task for you. For just $5 you can find an entire army of experts on or other outsourcing companies such as to do the hard job for you. 

Focus on your goals and believe in yourself

In case you would like to start making money from home using the Big Idea Mastermind Power, Click right here to get started. As I said earlier, it will cost you only $25 a month. So what is stopping you from becoming your own boss?

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