Apply these 3 techniques when you blog and you’ll get more leads and sales

If you’ve been reading my blog for sometimes now, you may be aware that this blog ipas2income is relatively a new blog. I started it back in September when I joined the Internet Prospect Acceleration System.

Since I wanted to promote iPas2, I thought that it would be great if I could put together a new blog just to promote the system and see what happens then.getting more leads and sales

In the beginning, my intention was not to develop this blog at all to the point of trying to establish it as an authority blog.

I already have other blogs both in English and French; my everyday language.

My other blogs take me a great deal of time to maintain and update that I just did not want to spend my time on another blog again.

So all I wanted was just to publish couple of articles with my affiliate links that I would try to rank in the SERP’s with the hope of earning some commissions in case someone bought through my links.

And you know what?

Honestly, it did not work.

Using that approach never made me any money, zero, nada…

Then I had two choices: abandon this blog and focus on the other blogs I own or push it a little further with new daily content to attract more traffic.

I chose the second option and today here you are reading this blog.

I’m glad you found it

Its start was quite slow but the more I blogged the much traffic I was getting. But still I was not getting any lead nor making any sale.

It’s only when I made 2 or 3 little changes that things started to change.

And that chant was a major accomplishment for me because for the first time I was able to get leads and make new sales, just with this every one blog you are reading now.

So what did I do and how can you do the same too to take your blog to the next level?

Here’s my top 3 secrets:

1: I’ve installed a leads capture form here at the right of my blog and also at the bottom.

Yes, this mere change has allowed me to collect more leads from my readers.

They say everywhere that the money is in the list but there still a lot of marketers who make the mistake of sending their prospects straight to the product they are promoting.

While certain bloggers make money using that approach, the majority of others fail because once a customer has clicked on your link, if he decides not to buy on the spot, he’s gone forever.

You won’t be able to follow up with them anymore or build that relationship that will ake you more money during the time the prospect remains subscribed in your list.

So if you want more leads, install a good appealing capture page to collect information from your potential clients.

2: I always end my blog posts with a strong call to action.

It’s self-explanatory, isn’t?

A readers that come to your blog is either in a buying mood, this means that he is looking for a specific solution and Portrait Of A Handsome Young Man Shouting With Megaphonehence he is ready to buy.

Or he is not in a buying mood and he’s just searching information.

No matter what mood they are in, you must guide them to take a certain action on your blog.

You can invite them to subscribe to your newsletter or click on a certain link that will take them where you want them to go.

So if you don’t do it, start using a strong call to action now to improve your results.

3: I give value.

Yep, self-explanatory once again. The difference between a good marketer and an amateur, is the value you bring on the marketplace.

You certainly have a comments box on your blog, right?

If so, start by reviewing what your readers have to say.

If you notice a certain topic that is being discussed more than the others, maybe you should consider writing a great blog post about and try to respond to your followers concerns.

Give them value, share good tips with them and be interactive.

Doing this daily will make them like and trust you.

Once they trust you, promoting your products or services will become easy…

See, I’ve been doing what I’m sharing here with you for quite a little while now and my results are getting better both in terms of lead generation and sales.

Are you ready to experiment the same changes in your business?

Click here to see my money producing system and join if you want to take your income to the next level…

To your success


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