9 Simple steps to create a successful blog today (2-2)

21 Day Blogging Challenge with David Wood. (Day 11)

As you all know, at least I hope, David Wood, the Co-founder of the Empower Network blogging platform, which I am also an affiliate, launched us an interesting challenge that consists of blogging non-stop during 21 days in a row.

This challenge officially began December 29, 2014 and ends on 21 January.

I chose to take part to the challenge for reasons I explain here. Thus, during this period, I will be publishing a new article on my blog whose sole purpose is to bring you value.

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Part 2

5-Learn, learn and learn again before starting

How to make money blogging

This small detail that may seem insignificant at first glance, however, it has a crucial importance for the success of your online project. Once again, most bloggers completely neglect this step.

Many beginners prefer to put the cart before the horse just because they believe they know everything about blogging and making money online.

You can have the best idea of all time, but if you do not know how to let the world know about it, it does not make sense.

So do not hesitate to invest in yourself. This simply means that if you really want to succeed, you must learn from those who have already succeeded. You will find many free tutorials on the net explaining how to create a successful blog and make money online.

To save time and avoid you spending hours searching tutorials, I suggest you visit WpBlogVideos; a step-by-step guide that teaches all the steps to create a WordPress blog.

I have myself used these kinds of training tools when I started blogging and they helped me enormously. However, if you really want to create a professional blog that will stand out from your competitors and which you can then monetize, you can also visit Empower Network.

These training guides will absolutely make you save time and avoid mistakes that most beginners commit.
Choosing the right promotional tools

Creating a blog is good. But attracting thousands of visitors every day and making money out of it, is even better. And yet, this is where things get complicated. Once your blog is online, you need to invest a lot of time, effort and even money to promote it and let the entire planet know what you’re doing.

There are many free tools that will help you promote your blog. But once again, do not hesitate to invest a little money to get the very best on the market.

For example, some time ago I did not hesitate to pay $149 to get Market Samurai; a powerful keyword generator that helps me find the most profitable keywords in terms of competition, traffic and monetization.

I also invested in Aweber and Getresponse; two well know and professional autoresponder to collect email addresses of my prospects and keep in touch with my visitors. Put together, these tools contribute greatly to generate thousands of visitors to my blogs and give me more visibility online.

6-How to monetize your blog?

This is certainly the most asked question in the blogosphere. Although people who choose to create their blog do so How to make money bloggingfor various reasons, the majority of people do it anyway for money.

Having a blog is above all a passion, but you should not be ashamed of wanting to make money with it. This is simply what we can call “combining business with pleasure.” Thus, there are many ways to monetize your blog.

You can for example start making money with Google AdSense. To do so, you register for free on Google AdSense, you display ads in relation with your topic on your blog and you get paid every time someone clicks on your links. It’s one of the easiest ways to generate passive income and anyone can do it.

When your blog has a little more authority and you have more visitors, you can register on platforms such as Clickbank, Amazon or Commission Junction to monetize it with affiliate products.

That’s exactly how I started monetizing my own blogs. But if you can, you can also create your own products or write an ebook that you can sell on your blog or give away for free to collect leads in return.

But if you really want to make big money online, I recommend you to clikc right here to discover Ipas2 ; a program that helps you to drive laser targeted traffic to your online business and make money the easy way.

7-Be patient and determined

Patient! This word does mean what it means. Once you have created your blog, do not expect it to be known overnight. To be honest with you from the outset, most of the beginners who start a blog abandon within six months due to lack of results. Don’t be like them. Just be patient.

If you want to create a blog that hits, you have to wait. Building a blog, having the confidence of people and earning its first dollars online takes time. So do not get discouraged if after three months there are still no comments on your blog. Apply to publish as regularly as possible quality products and work your SEO. Rome was not created in a day.

8-Be passionate

To be successful with your blog and make people want to read what you’re publishing day after day, you must first start by loving yourself what you are doing. Be passionate about your blog. This is the only way to avoid it becoming a constraint for you to run.

9-Start blogging today!

There are still many things to say about starting a blog but I think you understood what I wanted to tell you. If you have arrived at the end of this article as I have suggested above, then it shows your determination. In this case, enough “blablabla.” You you’re ready to create your own blog. So stop thinking and start blogging!

Good luck

To your success

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