9 Simple steps to create a successful blog today (1-2)

21 Day Blogging Challenge with David Wood. (Day 10)

As you all know, at least I hope, David Wood, the Co-founder of the Empower Network blogging platform, which I am also an affiliate, launched us an interesting challenge that consists of blogging non-stop during 21 days in a row.

This challenge officially began December 29, 2014 and ends on 21 January. I chose to take part to the challenge for reasons I explain here. Thus, during this period, I will be publishing a new article on my blog whose sole purpose is to bring you value.

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1-So how to create a successful blog?

If you’re new to blogging and making money online: Please read the following lines to open your eyes.

Want to create your own blog, get into the affiliate marketing industry and perhaps earn money on the internet but you don’t know where to start?

On this page you will find some useful tips to get started.

This article is quite long but I recommend you to read it till the end. To avoid too much reading, I’ll split it into 2 parts so that you can read the two parts at different times.

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Disclaimer : Please Note that different tools or products that I mention here contain affiliate links. I don’t mention them just because I receive a commission if you buy them through my links but simply because I personally use some of these tools and they bring me satisfaction. I’m also convinced that they can help you be successful. So thanks in advance for your support if you decide to buy something through one of my links.

In order to create a successful blog, we must first know exactly why we want to do with it.

Some people choose to create a blog just to make money online, promote an event or a service. Other people do it to make themselves known as an expert in a specific area or to talk about their passions.
Whatever the reasons that motivate you to get started in blogging, here are, in my opinion, some of the most important parameters you need to consider for a good start.

2-Start by choosing the topic of your blog

Choosing the topic of your blog is absolutely critical to the success of the latter. However, many beginners neglectHow to create a successful blog this step and began blogging without really knowing where they are going.

As a result, they fail at the end simply because either these people know virtually nothing to the field in which they are blogging and will never impose themselves as an expert, or it is a sector unprofitable and they give up because the results they get will not match their efforts.

Choosing to create a blog is first of all choosing to share his experience with his readers in order to give them tips that can help them in a specific area or solutions to solve a given problem.

There is therefore, in this process, a notion of supply and demand. So before you even create your blog, you must take the time to think ahead to see if the topic you want to treat actually corresponds to your areas of expertise.

Your blog is your brand. A bit like a business, it must be your image and should, whenever possible, be a vector between you and your audience. In sum, this is a channel that conveys your ideas. To choose the topic of your blog, you should start by asking yourself a number of questions in relation with the area in which you want to launch yourself such as:

• Why do I want to create my blog?
• Who this blog will be for?
• What am I going to talk about?
• Am I qualified enough to talk about the topic I’ve chosen?
• How will I go about creating, week after week, quality content?
• What are my motivations? : Money? Recognition? Passion?
• Financially, that’s going to bring this blog?
• How much will it cost me to start my own blog? (In money but also in time?)

Once you’ve found your favorite subject, then you can choose a platform for creating your blog and getting started. In my case, I’m working with Empower Network, a blogging platform that provides you all the tools needed to create a killer blog while having fun and making money.

3-Choosing the right platform for you blog

The evolution of the Web and the introduction of new tools today gives everyone the ability to create a free blog. In this area, there are many blogging platforms that can perfectly meet your expectations.

But to get to the point, I’m not going to present you all the platforms here because there are too many in the market. You can easily find them on the Internet and try to see and choose the one that suits you best.

Personally, almost all my blogs run under WordPress. It is in my opinion, and this opinion is shared by many bloggers around the world, the best tool for creating blogs.

This CMS, which came first in the competition for “the best Open Source CMS organized in 2009 by the British company Packt” (source Wikipedia), is both a blogging engine and a content management system that permits you freely create and manage all kinds of dynamic websites. It has thousands of totally free plugins and gives a professional look to your blog.

Today I also use Kalatu, the new platform released by Empower Network.

4-Choosing the right domain name and a web host

Your domain name is the address of your blog. It is thanks to your domain name that your future visitors or customers will easily find you and visit your blog. So you need to choose it carefully.

For less than $ 60 per year at Hostgator for instance, you can afford a good domain name and a hosting service. Your domain name should be made in the style of www.mysite.com.

Whatever your budget, you can find on the internet hosting services that offer you high quality solutions at very affordable prices.

Simply contact them, check the availability of your domain name and then book it after you’ve paid your subscription fees, which you will not forget to renew each year.

If you are looking for a host for your blog or site, you can have a look at Hostgator, GoDaddy or 1and 1. They are fairly well known.

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