Why sharing your value with others can positively impact your life

21 Days Blogging Challenge #Day8 How can I help? I was astonished the other day. I was watching the news on TV when I heard the story of a billionaire who had accidently died, leaving behind him more than $18 billion in his bank account. Can you imagine that? I could not help wondering how […]

Do you absolutely have to be a guru to be able to give value in Internet Marketing?

21 Days Blooging Challenge #Day 4 How can you provide value when you’ve just started in MLM or have zero result to show for? Have you ever asked yourself that concern? I’m sure that you’ve probably heard it before. If you want to be popular in the network marketing industry, you must give value to […]

How to tell if a MLM business is legitimate or a Pyramid Scheme?

21 Days Blogging Challenge #Day2 This article is part of the 21 Days Blogging Challenge. You can find out more about the challenge right here… The other day I was looking for information about MLM because I wanted to write a post for my blog on that topic. I was in lack of inspiration, and, […]

VideoMakerFX; create high quality videos without appearing on the camera

21 Days Blogging Challenge #Day 1 Video marketing is taking the Internet by storm. But let me ask you: do you use videos in your marketing strategy? If not, then you’re missing a lot. With the development of the Internet and the growing number of blogs and websites, it’s getting more and more complicated to […]