17 Smart Ways To Generate 17/20 Leads Per Day With Your Blog

17 Smart Ways To Generate 17/20 Leads Per Day With Your Blog

Niche-Market 17 Ways To Generate Leads

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Niche-Market 17 Ways To Generate Leads

So you want to generate more leads for your home business and maximize your profits, right? That’s why you found this article in the first place.

Well, in this post I am going to outline “17 Smart Ways To Generate 17/20 Leads Per Day For Your Business With Your Blog.”

Now don’t get me wrong though. I’m not telling you that these different ways of getting leads alone will transform your business overnight.

It takes many other factors that you need to use in conjunction with the technics I share with you below, such as your skills to generate traffic and get people to see your offers, the value you put in the marketplace, the rapport you have with your audience or the relevancy of your content for instance.

But I personally believe that these technics can work for you if you combine them with a compelling call-to-action and a reasonable amount of traffic.

Let’s get started…

1 Position Your CTA (Call To Action) Above The Fold

Do you know that less than 50% never scroll until the end of your website? Yes, you read that right! Only 50% of your visitors actually read what your put at the very end of your website and hence never get to see your CTA.

So if you want to capture more leads, it’s very important that your audience see whatever you’re offering as soon as possible when they land on your site. Then to have as most eyeballs as possible to your offers, make sure you always position your Call To Action in front of their eyes, which means, above the fold. The more people who see your CTA will result to more conversions.

2. Make Your CTA Message As Specific As Possible

Many marketers don’t have a clear message in their CTA and they don’t get the results they really want because people who see their offers are confused about what to do exactly. Telling people “Click Here” is not specific enough and if people don’t know what they get once they click on your CTA, they will not click. So to avoid that situation, it is very important that you put a clear and specific message to all your CTAs.

Let’s say you are offering a FREE case study on how to get more traffic and generate more leads on Facebook for instance, then your CTA message should look like this : “FREE Case Study Reveals 5 Easy Steps To Drive 10K Visitors Per Day To Your Website And Get 50/100 Leads A Day From Facebook. Click Here To Get Instant Access Now!”

If You’re offering an ebook on how to make money online doing drop shipping, then you can tell them “Click Here To Download Your Free Guide on How To Do X Y Z…”

See the difference? If you want people to click on your links and give you their email address, tell them exactly what they need to do then be specific on what they are getting on the next page. To compel action, don’t just use generic CTAs like “Download Now” as we see everywhere else.

3. Make Use Of Attention Grabbing Images (Or Videos)

People like to click on images. Why? Because a picture is worth more than a 1000 words article. In today’s environment where people are consistently over-commercialized with tons of information, no one wants to spend hours reading all the content they get exposed to.

Today people prefer to watch a video or even look at an image rather than reading a long and boring article. Images get more attention and they get clicked more and more than text alone.

Then if you want to generate more leads from your content, don’t forget to use images to stand out from your competitors and get more clicks. You can find royalty free images on sites like pixabay.com for instance and use them as you like to optimize your campaigns and generate more leads starting today.

4. Use Attractive And Contrast Colors That Stand Out From The Rest Of Your Site

If you want people to see your CTAs, then you’d better make sure that it’s not blended in to your site’s existing color scheme. To get more attention to your CTAs, using colors that stand out from the rest of your site and your content is crucial so that your visitors can notice it right away.

So to make it clear, if the content in your website is in black, then put your call to action in blue, red or whatever can grab people’s attention without driving them away.

5. Make Sure Your Links Are Clickable

Have you ever tried to click on a link just to find out that it’s not clickable? I don’t know about you but this happens to me almost all the time. I spend a good few moment reading an interesting article and when I finally decide to click on the CTAs they send me to click, I realize that nothing happens because they forgot to make the link clickable.

As a marketer, you don’t want this to happen to you because if so, believe me you’ll be leaving tons of leads on the table. People don’t like it when things become complicated so don’t make it difficult for them to take action if they are willing to click.

So whenever you put a CTA on your website, make sure to double even triple check your links to make sure they are linked and that they take people where you want them to go.

6. Make Your Offers Relevant To Your Audience

Putting the right offer in front of the right audience is the key if you want them to become your leads. This means that if in your CTA you’re promising people that they’ll get a free ebook on how to rank on Google, you’d better make sure that you deliver what you promised them.

If you give them something irrelevant, they may be unhappy and even if they opted-in to get in your list, they may unsubscribe because of the irrelevancy of what you provide them. Always keep in mind that your audience have different needs and interest. So always target your call to action to the correct audience.

7. Turn Your Blog Posts Into A Lead Generation Power-House

Your blog is literally your home online. By that I mean that if you don’t have your very own blog yet, it’s like if you were homeless online. With your blog, you can gather so many things under the same roof and turn it into a CTA magnet. So if your blog has even the smallest traffic in the world, you can still use that traffic to generate more leads by giving your audience relevant content that will help them solve their problems.

No matter which niche you’re in, you can use your blog content to add relevant CTAs to your posts and turn your readers into leads. To do so, you can find PLR products that your targeted audience is interested in and use a powerful call to action to ask them to download what you have to offer for free in exchange of their email address.

8. Use Compelling Headlines That Match Your Call To Action

I see so many headlines that are not compelling enough to make me want to click and see what the article is talking about. Always remember that when new visitors come to your site, the first thing they see are your headlines. If your headlines don’t catch their attention the very moment they read them, chances are they will not click to read more and they will never see your CTA.

One of the most powerful ways to reduce your bounce rate and increase the time your visitors spend on your site is to give them exactly what they came for in the first place. That is to say that you have to give them a reason to click on your headlines and read your blog post or watch your videos.

Ideally, you want to make sure that your headlines match with your CTA and that there is congruity between your CTA and your landing page. Avoiding confusion for your lead is the best way to make them trust you. The more they know, like and trust you, the more they will have positive feeling toward your offers and converting them into happy leads will be much easier.

9. Tell them to Subscribe

Many people come and leave a website without performing any sort of action not because they don’t want to but because they didn’t know what to do. So if you want your visitors to take a certain action on your website, be crystal clear with them and tell them exactly what to do.

If you want them to download a free bonus in exchange of their email, tell them something like “click here to download your free bonus now”. If You want them to join your Newsletter, once again, be straight with them and tell them to subscribe if they want to receive your Newsletters.

10. Make Your Sign Up Process Simple

People don’t like complicated things. If you want them to give you their information, then make sure that they can do it as quickly as possible without having to go through a long and complicated process.

You must decide on what kind of information you want your prospects to give you. Do you want their full name, phone number and email address? Or do you just want their email? Once you know exactly what you want, create a simple form and put it above the fold or position it in such a way that your audience can see it easily. Believe me! You don’t need a fancy sign up form. Even the simplest one can get the job done and give you good conversions.

11. Do Split Testing To See Which Forms Are Converting The Best

You’ll never know if you can get even better results with your form unless you split test. Basically, split testing consists of testing different forms, headlines and CTAs against each other to see which one performs the best.

For instance, once you created a form, you can create several variations of that form to see if you get better results with the original one or if the other variations convert best. There are many tools online today that will help you split test your and track your results.

12. Give Your Leads Offers That Are Relevant To Them

You may have the best offer in the world but if you don’t put it in front of the right audience, then you’re all wrong. People don’t care that what you have is the best product, service or offer. What they care about is how what you have will benefit them and help them overcome their own problem.

You offer must answer the needs of your prospects and tell them that if they get it from you, their problem will be solved because what you have is what they need. Put yourself in their shoes.

13. Avoid Banner Blindness

Having too many links and banners on your blog creates what we call “banners blindness”. Today people are so used to seeing banners everywhere that most of them just don’t see them anymore.

So if your main goal is to generate more leads, you don’t necessary need too many links and banners that may distract your visitors and kill your conversions. What you want is that your leads focus on your main message and then take the next step.

Driving your leads into a custom funnel with a relevant call to action will remove “banner blindness” and focuses them on conversions.

14. Stay Engaged With Your Leads

Once your leads become your leads, your job does not stop there. You must create engagement to keep them engaged otherwise they may unsubscribe on the spot. To create engagement, you can create a thank you page where you welcome them and thank them for taking action.

You can also create a welcome follow up message to introduce yourself and let them know that you are there for them should they need you for any reason. Then if you have a Fan Page or have other social media accounts, you can also invite them to join you so that you stay connected no matter what.

The attention cycle is very important if you want your leads to stay subscribed and open your emails once you start emailing them. So don’t forget to keep your leads engaged.

15. Master Traffic Generation

If your goal is to generate 17/20 leads per day, you can’t achieve that results if you only rely on free traffic. The more people who come to your blog every single day, the more you’ll be able to convert them into leads. But if no one never sees your blog, how do you want to get leads?

They say that more traffic equal to more leads and to more sales. That means that if you want to get traffic, it’s important to master traffic generation. Relying on only free traffic takes time and can be discouraging. Paid traffic on the other hand, is fast, scalable and predictable.

So if you can, invest on some traffic to build your audience then once you make profit with your first leads, you can scale big to reach even more people and generate even more leads.

I’m not going to go on how to master traffic generation on this post because you can find this kind of information online for free. But you get the point.

16. Always Give Value To Your Prospects

As a marketer, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you must be willing to do things other people don’t do. Or, if I revers-engineer things, you must do the opposite of what everybody else is doing.

Today everyone wants everyone to see their offers, buy their services or products without even knowing the person they are marketing too. Why do you think we get so many spams?

It’s because people want to sell us things we don’t even need. If you want your prospects to become your leads and then open your emails, always lead with value. This means that whatever you do, it’s about them first, not about you.

What people want is how you can help them or how your offer can benefit them. So give them valuable content and they will like you and thank you for that. For instance, you can create tutorial videos on how to do this or how to solve this problem. You can create free trainings for your members and elevate yourself as the expert on your field.

17. Always Give, Give, Give

The more you give, the more you get. This is how things work online. You want your prospects to give you their information?

Give them something valuable in return. You don’t need to spend a fortune or give expensive stuff. According to your niche, you can create a free ebook that solves a problem and give it away for free.

Your audience will be more than happy to give you their email just to get that free ebook or PDF document you’re offering.

At this point, if you don’t have anything valuable to give away, don’t panic because I’ll give you the opportunity to use the same system I use to give value to my audience without spending a fortune. Find out more below…


Voilà! You made it until the end and I hope that you got value from this post. Now what’s next? Are you ready to take massive action and generate more leads for your home business?

Do you want to put in use these strategies and boost your lead generation, make more money?


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