10 Mistakes you make that may kill your blog (2-2)

21 Day Blogging Challenge with David Wood. (Day 21)

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What’s the point of having a very good content if no one can see it? Most bloggers think that their job ends when they  publish their post.

It’s a no, no, no my friend.

As a blogger, your goal is to attract new readers on your blog. And you can only do that by letting people know about what you’re doing.

So once you’ve posted your content, this can be a post or a video, you need to go and tell the world about it. There are too many ways you can use to promote your content and I will not develop them all here.

There a free methods, which include doing a lot of SEO to get organic traffic, and paid methods which include investing in paid advertisement campaigns, buying tools to submit your content to directories and so on.

Find the methods that best suits your situation and start promoting your content. Your traffic will thank you for that.

Mistake Number 5: You don’t produce engaging content.

Engagement is very important in today’s marketing environment. If you want your content to be noticed, you must create engagement. The best way to do that is to be controversial and treat subjects that can challenge the conscience of people and lead them to start a conversation with you or with other readers.

To measure this kind of engagement, you can use a tool like postrank.com.

So are you ready to be controversial?

Mistake Number 6: You don’t respond to your comments.

This mistake goes with the one above. When certain bloggers don’t have any engagement on their blog, others are oversaturated with all the comments they get daily and don’t know how to deal with them. They then focus so much in content creation that they forget to participate in the conversation and don’t respond to people commenting on their posts.

This behavior can have a very negative impact for you since your readers may think that you ignore them or you don’t consider what they have to say.

Your readers want to have a conversation with you. So do not disappoint them by ignoring them because they might get upset and go comment on other blogs. I think that that’s not what you want, do you?

Mistake Number 7: You don’t use social media.

Google pays a very close attention on social media signals to determine the popularity of your blog. But do you use Working from homesocial media to help people interact with your content?

If no, start using social media right now. You must consider Facebook, Twitter and the many others like your partners. They must play an important role in your marketing strategy.

Today most blogs have at least one social icon button on most of their pages so that readers can share the content with their friends at the click of a button.

So if it’s not the case for you yet, you need to put a social sharing icon on your blog to improve your social signals.

There are many plugins proposing these icons in WordPress. Find the one that you like and place it on your blog. Do it today…

Mistake Number 8: Your headlines don’t catch people’s attention.

If your head line is not appealing, why would I want to click on it? Like it or not, your headline is the door that invites your readers to enter to your blog.

Imagine one second that you are hosting a party, you ask people to come but once they arrive, you don’t welcome them, you don’t smile at them, you don’t do anything to make them comfortable. Will they want to stay?

I don’t think so. They might want to run as fast as possible. This is exactly what happens when people see a headline that is not attractive. They will not want to click on it to see what is behind.

So in order to correct that and improve your clicks rate, your must work on creating attractive and powerful headlines.

Mistake Number 9: You always talk about you.

When I visit a blog, I want to get an advice or a solution for my problem. I don’t want to waste my time reading how your life is fantastic or tons of other things about you, you and you.

Does what you’re saying about yourself provide me value? If no, I won’t read your stuff. If I want to know about you, I’ll search for the “About You” section on your blog and read that.

But if you talk about yourself in every piece of content you publish, I’ll run away from your blog.

So make sure you always give valuable information.

Mistake Number 10: You don’t know your own mistakes.

Well, I can go and establish a list of hundreds more mistakes that may kill your blog but I guess you get the point. While this list is not exhaustive, I encourage you to take a few minutes and think about the common mistakes that YOU make and correct them yourself.

Doing that seriously will help you improve your traffic and build a better audience.

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To your success


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