10 Mistakes you make that may kill your blog (1-2)

21 Day Blogging Challenge with David Wood. (Day 20)

Do you have a blog?

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Now let’s assume that you already have a blog and that you work your ass out day in day out to make it take off like making money onlinecrazy.

But despite of all your efforts and commitment, it seems that the results you’re waiting for never come.

Your traffic never gains momentum, and worse, the more you blog the more it decreases.

Your income never takes off and there’s literarily no comments and no engagements from your readers.

Well, if this happens to you, maybe it’s because when you blog, you commit one or more of the 10 mistakes below, and this is killing your blog softly.

How can I pretend that?

I know from my own experience, and after reading more than 10 blogs daily for years to find inspiration for my own blogs, I have seen so many blogs that today I know the type of mistakes many bloggers make.

Here is my top 10 list of the most common mistakes we make when we blog and how to correct them.

Mistake Number 1: You don’t blog daily.

The other day I published a blog post explaining why blogging daily was so important. But still, many people don’t take this exercise seriously. They only blog from time to time and once they have published a post, it can take weeks before they publish their next post.

Come on, guys!!! Do you really think doing that will help you elevate yourself as an expert in your industry?

If you don’t blog daily, this means that you don’t post enough. Since internet works on search, your lack of frequency will kill your traffic and your income potential.

With the latest changes made by Google and the majority of the search engines, those who post regularly are recompensed with better rankings while others are penalized.

So if you don’t want to kill your blog by being an inconsistent guy, correct this mistake. The more you’ll post, the greater your traffic and exposure.

Mistake Number 2. You post too much and for no reason.

Here you may think that I’m crazy. How can I say that posting too much is a mistake when I just said that not posting enough could also damage your blog?

Yeah, I know. This might surprise, even shock you. But it’s true: posting too much can kill your blog.

Firstly, your readers might be overwhelmed with all your post and leave your blog, especially if they subscribed to your newsletter and that they receive your updates in their inbox.

Secondly, this may alert Google, which may then penalize you because they may consider your blog as a spamming blog.

If your blog is very popular, you can post once per day or maximum 3 to 5 times a week. Your readers will still come to your blog because they know that you’re consistent and that they will find value in what you’re giving them.

But many people make the mistake of posting too much. They can post like 3-5 times in a day so that each time you refresh their blog, you find a new post.

Is your blog a news site? If no, why on earth would someone want to read your stuff more than once a day?

So if you post more than once a day for no reason, consider reviewing your frequency post schedule.

Mistake Number 3: You post very long posts.

Are you an essayist or a blogger?

When some bloggers really lack of inspiration and can’t write 5 sentences in a row, others, on the other hand, can’t stop writing once they start. They can write a full essay, publish it on their blog and then wonder why nobody is reading their blog.

Time is money, for you as well as for your readers. So make sure you go straight to the point when you treat a topic. Give value, provide interesting information and advice that can benefit your readers.

There’s not a perfect length to take into account but you can shoot for a post between 500 and 750 words to please both your readers and the search engines at the same time.

Nobody has the time to read a 2000 words posts. Posting too long posts can have a very negative impact on your blog stats, such as your bounce rate which may decrease its ranking because once again if people leave your blog too fast, Google may consider it as of a poor quality.

When you’re very inspired and that you need to develop a very long topic, the trick is to break your content into 2 or 3 parts.

Just like I did with this article…

Continue reading part 2

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